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10 Tips for Building Your Website

Here’s a sample of what you’ll get:

Auto-renew everything and maintain access

When you’re building a new site there are many things you’ll have to pay for on a regular basis (usually yearly). These recurring charges are things your site, and your business, rely on to function and help you get or keep customers coming in the door. Whether your site is old or new, we recommend you sign up for auto-renewals for all business-critical services so you don’t lose anything permanently or have to pay more to get something back…

Utilize good SEO practices

SEO, is NOT some sort of mystical magical thing and if anyone tells you they have special SEO powers, they are lying. There are rules, but they are not magical, and they are not that difficult to learn and apply. If you follow these basics your site will have a solid SEO foundation—no magic wand needed…

Have an SSL certificate

HTTPS websites, which are sites using SSL certificates, used to be reserved for sites collecting private data. These days, that’s no longer the case. All websites are starting to install SSL certificates to comply with pushes from Google and Firefox for greater security on the web…

Know your customers

Taking  your customers’ needs into account is an important and worthwhile step when building your site. The way they use your website is usually different than how you envisioned. Taking the time to understand what your customers do on your site and thinking about their decision making process can help you provide the content they need to see to help move them towards a purchase…

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