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WooCommerce: Add Billing Codes To Checkout & User Profile


We got a request to add a custom field to user profiles allowing multiple codes separated by commas and then add a select containing those codes to the checkout page. These codes were going to be used to add a cc: to pdf invoice emails being sent out separately.

Plugins Required



User Profile
Image: Display of billing code field on the user profile page within WordPress dashboard.

Checkout Page


Image: Display of select input on checkout page

Element Inspector

Image: Layout of select input html within browser's inspector tool


Maje Media LLC cannot be held responsible for the functionality of this code. Please make sure you test it on a development site before adding the code to your production website. There is no support available for this (and other) code snippet(s) posted on this website. If you’d like Maje Media to do custom development to help with your custom implementation please send a contact request.

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