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Maje Media will set up WooCommerce, with one payment gateway (Stripe or PayPal) for you and get a secure, fast, and easy to use eCommerce site ready for subscriptions orders.

With Maje Media you’ll get:

  • WooCommerce installed
  • WooCommerce setup customized for your business
  • Stripe or PayPal account setup instructions
  • Stripe or PayPal payment gateway configured
  • 1 hour training (onsite for Minneapolis/Saint Paul area)
  • Initial import of products
  • Physical products: Configure up to three shipping zones
  • Digital products: Configure downloads
  • Physical products: Configure free shipping 
  • Subscriptions set up
  • 1 hour training (onsite for Minneapolis/Saint Paul area)
  • Premium plugin licenses*

You’ll also get helpful instructions for:

  • Single, subscription product setup
  • Single, variable subscription product setup
  • Manually creating a subscription over the phone/in-person
  • Bulk product import
  • Single, simple product setup
  • Single, variable product setup
  • Product attributes
  • Refunds
  • Product image and gallery best practices
  • Shipping zones (assumes physically shipped products)
  • Digital products: Configure downloads or purchase notes
  • Physical products: Configure free shipping
  •  Physical products: Configure up to three shipping zones

Price: $1000

Need Shipstation too? Add Shipstation integration (for physical products only): $300

Need a second payment gateway? Add PayPal or Stripe for just $250

* First year of the plugin license included with this package. If, after the first year, you are a Managed by Maje maintenance client or become one any licenses provided by packages will be covered.

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