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Semi-Custom (Downpayment)


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Perfect for busy small businesses and nonprofits with trusted brands.

Maje Media’s Semi-Custom affordable WordPress package is a great way for busy small businesses and nonprofits to extend their trusted brand experience to the web.

At the beginning of a Semi-Custom build, we’ll talk over your website goals and do some research to develop a user experience for your customers and lead to the conversions that matter to your business. With our content training and templates, you will be sure your site content to meet your customer’s needs and has a solid SEO foundation so they can find you in search. And every step of the way, our project manager will work to keep your project on-budget and on-time.

As an added bonus, we will also include Maje Media’s maintenance package free for one year to make sure you site stays fast, secure, and stable.

Reserve your project’s kickoff meeting by putting 10% down towards your new site.

Full package description available at bottom of this page.

Refunds available upon request for projects that haven’t started.



Maje Media’s Semi-Custom WordPress package is an affordable way to extend your trusted brand experience to the web.

As we begin your Semi-Custom build, we’ll meet for planning to talk over your website goals, changes you would like to see, and to better understand what conversions are important to your business. We’ll select three possible layouts based on your competition, inspiration sites, and elements you identified during planning as important. Once you select a layout, we’ll have our UX designer further improve the call to action elements, content flows, and image placements on both mobile and desktop.

Our budget-friendly packages also include content training and templates for your team to use in creating strong content for your new site. If you follow our templates, your site content will be focused on your customer’s needs and will have a solid SEO foundation in place so they better can find you in search.

As an added bonus, our project manager will work to keep your project on-budget and on-time, and we’ll include Maje Media’s maintenance package free for one year. After that first year you will have the option to renew the maintenance contract to make sure you site stays fast, secure, and stable for the long-term.

The Semi-Custom package includes everything from our Simple Starter, Basic Build, and the following:

Impress: Element style guide based on user experience best practices
Impress: Detailed interaction guidelines document
Impress: Site color palette based on existing brand colors
Impress: Detailed color user guidelines document (based on brand colors and site palette)
Savings: 10% off Maje Media’s hourly rates for the first year

Need more? Add-ons are available if you are interested in eCommerce, newsletters, lead gathering, customer communications, search marketing, and social marketing efforts. We can discuss add-ons during your kick off call, or you can contact us for a custom estimate.

Assist: Dedicated Project Manager to help keep your project on-time and on-budget
Assist: Weekly project status emails to your whole team
Assist: Basic Site Requirements Definition to capture your ideas and needs in one clear document
Communicate/Learn: One hour training to cover content basics (on-site for Minneapolis/Saint Paul)
Communicate: Content templates to make sure each page has a strong SEO foundation
Communicate: Content structure guide to assist in your content strategy and information architecture
Learn: Custom documentation for each page template
Savings: 10% off Maje Media’s hourly rates for the first year
Assist: Dedicated email address for the project team
Impress: Three professionally designed layout choices based on sites you love, companies you compete with, customer demographic, and your industry’s standards
Impress: Three page templates (home, regular page, special page) based on your chosen layout
Inform: Unlimited pages (we’ll build out one page per template for you)
Learn: Basic WordPress documentation to help you use WordPress
Learn: Two hours of training on how to use your site (on-site if you’re local to Minneapolis/Saint Paul)
Learn: A single process document customized to walk you through a task of your choice on your site
Gather: Premium form plugin installed, configured, and setup of a contact form for your site
Peace of Mind: One year of site maintenance and pre-release testing on Themes, Plugins, WordPress Core, and custom functionality
Peace of Mind: Access to Maje Media’s support channels: live chat, email support, and scheduled phone assistance
Peace of Mind: Personalized access to Maje Media’s support knowledge base with documentation on how to use your site
Peace of Mind: One year of uptime monitoring (checking your site every minute of every day)
Security: Daily malware scanning
Security: Security plugin installed and configured
Security: Backend file system configured to protect your settings
Security: One year of security monitoring
Speed: Caching plugin installed and configured
Speed: Server side caching
Savings: 10% off Maje Media’s hourly rates for the first year

Our maintenance package has the following features:

  • Daily security scanning for malware and file changes
  • Every minute checks to be sure your site is online
  • ASAP Server software upgrades when security vulnerabilities are found
  • ASAP WordPress Theme, Plugin, and Core upgrades to the most secure version when security vulnerabilities are found
  • Site process tests custom to your site's features
  • New tests when new features are added via custom development
  • Version control of your site's files (does not include uploads)
  • Security plugin installed/configured/maintained
  • Caching plugin installed/configured/maintained
  • Daily backups of site files (including uploads) and database (your content)
  • Backups stored on server
  • Backups stored on Maje Media's Amazon Web Service's S3 service account
  • Weekly backup file checks (database & site files)
  • Site Themes, Plugin, WordPress Core updated twice a year to the latest available version
  • Detailed report of updates, including the new version number
  • Review of updated plugins with a list of notable feature updates and additions based on those plugin's change log, plugin developer's site, or Maje Media's experience

Our setup fee covers the following:

  • Version control set up
  • Initial site testing creation
  • Security plugin setup
  • Caching plugin setup and testing
  • Back up routine setup and testing

There are no automatic payments. Remaining project payments will be handled separately.

Package downpayments are refundable up to 24 hours prior to the kickoff call. If you have to reschedule, we're glad to reschedule your reserved time above based on our mutual teams' availability.

The downpayment reserves your kickoff call time only and does not guarantee any development start dates, launch dates, or timelines.

The downpayment is 10% of the base package and will be deducted from any additional payments. Add-ons to the package chosen will add to the cost of your project.

The typical payment schedule is:

  • 10%: Down payment
  • 40%: To start development of project
  • 50%: 30 days after start of development

Downpayments reserve your price for the package and any add-ons chosen for 6 months from your payment date. Should you choose not to start the project until after the 6 months has lapsed the current price of your package and any add-ons will be changed to the current price.

Once a project begins all project fees become non-refundable. Unless a project is 100% paid there will be no information transfer and Maje Media retains the ownership of the site built to that point. No sites will launch until the project is 100% paid. No work starts until the first 50% of the package and any add-ons has been paid.

All intellectual property provided by you (the client) will remain your property even if you provided it for the sake of the site. Maje Media will not use or distribute (except to you) your intellectual property and upon request will destroy our copies of your intellectual property. Depending on your request the destruction of our copy of your intellectual property may destroy portions of your project that have already been completed. If, at some future time, you wish to complete the project the additional work to recreate those now-destroyed portions will cause additional fees to be charged.

Maje Media will not host anything owned by your company. We will, instead, manage the hosting at a mutually chosen hosting provider for you as part of our maintenance agreement. Upon termination of the maintenance agreement (or non-renewal of); Maje Media will provide instructions on how to access your site's files, database, and/or backups to a person of your choice to take over the management/maintenance of the site or complete a migration to a new hosting provider. Also upon termination/non-renewal Maje Media will provide an access termination date where Maje Media will be disconnecting our ability to access your site, server, and any accounts that we have access to of yours.

Security scanning, site maintenance, and uptime monitoring start the day your project launches and last for one year (365 days).

Maje Media reserves the right to cancel the project for any reason if we feel the project's subject or team communications aren't a good fit. Projects cancelled for these reasons will be due a refund.

Maje Media can be hired by the hour for consequential changes or updates that you might need that are out of scope of our maintenance agreement. These will be charged at our standard hourly rate (found at the bottom of our pricing page). Additional Development Hours will be invoiced on a twice monthly basis (1st and 15th) and invoices are due upon receipt. Late fees will be applied upon the invoice going unpaid for 15 days at a rate of 1.5% per month (or 18% per year).

Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this agreement, or the breach thereof, shall be settled by arbitration administered by the American Arbitration Association under its Commercial Arbitration Rules, using an arbitrator mutually selected by Maje Media and You. The number of arbitrators shall be one. The place of arbitration shall be Minneapolis, MN. Minnesota law shall apply. Judgment on the award rendered by the arbitrator may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof. If the Parties are not able to agree upon the selection of an arbitrator, within twenty days of commencement of an arbitration proceeding by service of a demand for arbitration, the arbitrator shall be selected by the American Arbitration Association.

Maintenance, Security Monitoring, and Uptime Monitoring come with incident response times. The following will be in place for incident response times (All times are in Central Standard Time).

  • 8am to 5pm: Monday thru Friday: within 1 hour of incident acknowledgement
  • 5:01pm thru 11:59pm: Monday thru Friday: within 4 hour of incident acknowledgement
  • 12:00am thru 7:59am: Monday thru Friday: within 8 hour of incident acknowledgement
  • Saturday/Sunday: within 8 hour of incident acknowledgement
  • Holidays (same schedule as Minnesota State Government): within 8 hour of incident acknowledgement

From the time an incident is acknowledged until it is considered solved Maje Media will continue working and monitoring the situation keeping you up to date with 30 minute updates (or sooner if new findings/solutions happen). If the issue is out of Maje Media's control we may, on a case-by-case basis, change the 30-minute update schedule to something more appropriate for responding. If the situation is within Maje Media's control the 30 minute update will stay in place. Each incident will be followed up, within 48 hours, of a breakdown of what happened, what can be done to prevent it from happening again, and processes we've updated internally to prevent the issue from happening/happening as long in the future.

Maje Media will keep all plugins, themes, and WordPress installations up to date to the most secure version available on a continuous basis. Should a plugin or theme have a vulnerability discovered and publicly reported without a fix or updated version available we will start a conversation with you discussing the ramifications, potential risks, and potential work-arounds to prevent your site from being vulnerable. This may or may not include removing the plugin from the site temporarily to prevent outside access capabilities to your site. Beyond deactivating/removing a plugin from your site due to security issues that don't have fixes any custom work arounds needed to keep the site functioning as before, even if the affected plugin/theme are responsible for that functionality, will incur custom development fees at Maje Media's current hourly price. None of this is automatic and requires explicit sign-off from you via email.

Outside of security vulnerabilities and security fixes available from the plugin developer Maje Media will keep all plugins, themes, and WordPress core up to date once every 6 months. We may, at our discretion, update WordPress core to the latest version in a given branch (ie: 4.8.1 to 4.8.2) if the change affects functionality or bugs encountered by you. Any updates beyond security or maintenance branch as previously described can be done upon request and will incur custom development fees at Maje Media's current hourly price.

Maje Media performs testing and internal approval of all updates done to sites prior to releasing new versions to production. We cannot catch 100% of all potential issues that might happen or occur on your site. As we become more familiar with your site we will continually add checks and tests to perform on your site prior to an update. To keep the maintenance plan prices low we will do a limited number, of our discretion, of these tests across a clone of your site each time we do a security update based on what plugins, themes, or core features are being updated. We will perform every test on a clone of your site for non-security updates. These tests are developed and discovered during client onboarding, package development, and during normal site operations throughout time. These tests are intellectual property of Maje Media's but can be purchased from us upon termination of our relationship for a fee to be determined at the time of separation. This statement may be removed in the future as more of Maje Media's checks and tests move more towards automated execution with manual approval.


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