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When you choose Maje Media, you are selecting experienced professionals who care about your success. We listen carefully and ask thoughtful questions to fully understand your business and your project goals so the solutions we develop will meet your needs now and into the future. Read more about some of our solutions below, and give us a call at (612) 208-8339 to see how we can help you.

Children's Hospital

Children’s Minnesota: Website Development and iOS App

Children’s engaged Ciceron and Maje Media for custom WordPress development, testing, launch planning, and rebuilding their iOS app.
Namaste Kid Logo

Namaste Kid: Web Rebuild

Namaste Kid had a design they loved but they needed improvements to help make the site easier to use and update so their business could continue to grow.

Companion Housing: New WordPress Website

Maje Media helped Companion Housing Programs, Inc. with an affordable website redesign and rebuild on the WordPress platform.
Outside The Box Designs Logo 350x350

Outside the Box Designs: G Suite Setup and DNS Transfer

Lisa and Adam contacted Maje Media to help them find a better email solution for their small business and to get help transferring two website domains to a new web host so they could build a new online presence.
Take A Stand Logo

Take a Stand: Website Development and Online Event Registration

With 22 nation-wide workshops and the need to gather registration data to stay in touch with attendees, IAC turned to Maje Media for a custom WordPress solution.
Fresh Mediterranean Foods Logo

Fresh Mediterranean Foods: Website Development and Online Ordering Platform

Maje Media designed and developed a custom wholesale ordering platform to help Fresh Mediterranean Foods offer a robust online ordering platform for their customers.
Kids Yoga Deck Namaste Kid App

Namaste Kid: Kids Yoga Deck iOS App

When Namaste Kid needed a developer to rebuild their iOS app, get rid of bugs, and fix broken features they hired Maje Media.

Incaaztec Management: Client Training

Working with Incaaztec Management via Codeable we were asked to create a locked down client training area that allowed for a client registration and approval process.


We value Maje Media's prompt and thorough communication, in addition to the high quality of their work. I know Greater Public’s websites are in good hands.

— Brooke Fuchs, Senior Marketing Manager, Greater Public

The crew at Maje Media has been invaluable to my company’s growth. They have a knack for creating a solid foundation for any project, that allows small businesses to build up as the profits come in. My company website continues to expand both with its offerings and its client base. Thanks to the foresight of Maje Media, I am not looking at a full website redo with each new website add-on, but rather a small expansion.

— Amira Freidson, Namaste Kid Owner

You really hope you have the A team on a project such as this, but I feel like I got the A+ team. The way that Ciceron’s team and our internal teams pulled together to work seamlessly was one of the most satisfying aspects of this project.

— Children's Minnesota

Our app runs on clean, and updatable code, and looks fantastic! I trust Maje Media's team to provide quality work that fits into my budget.

The Maje Media team was able to catch onto my company’s style, and implement improvements to existing and new projects.

— Amira Freidson, Namaste Kid Owner

Maje Media did everything they said they would do and more. They asked all the right questions up front to make us feel comfortable and confident they could get the job done, exactly how we wanted it. Very quickly after our first conversations, we received a detailed scope and estimate (which was spot-on), they got to work, and they delivered within our short, almost unrealistic timeframe. Dez was a great communicator throughout the project, giving us detailed notes with consistent updates. The plugin is so easy to use and works perfectly. Thanks again, Maje Media, for such a great product!!! I hope we get to work with you again soon!

— Sarah Weeger, Designer and Developer, GREAT 8 CREATIVE

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