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Kids Yoga Deck Namaste Kid App

Namaste Kid is a Twin Cities born business that started as one woman’s goal to make yoga more accessible and fun for kids. Since Amira sold her first DVD she’s expanded into other products and now has a subscription based service that provides a constantly updated selection of yoga poses, games, adventures, and even mandalas for coloring.


Namaste kid’s owner, Amira, wanted to offer an app with clear pictures and simple instructions for the iPad to be used by parents, teachers, and kids ages 2+.

She worked with a developer to create Kids Yoga Deck with 52 poses and a simple interface, parents, teachers, and yoga classrooms would be able to use the app to guide kids through yoga sequences on smart boards or iPads.

When bugs and other issues with functionality started being reported by users Amira wanted to fix the app and hired Maje to help.


Maje Media rebuilt the Kids Yoga Deck in version 2.0.0 to fix the reported bugs, use stable and supported versions of code libraries and frameworks, and make the iPad look and function across all iPad devices regardless of screen size (unreported bugs).

With the rebuilt app by Maje Media, Namaste Kid now has an app that works better for kids and parents, will be easier to maintain, and is well-developed for the long term.

Our app runs on clean, and updatable code, and looks fantastic! I trust Maje Media’s team to provide quality work that fits into my budget.

The Maje Media team was able to catch onto my company’s style, and implement improvements to existing and new projects.

— Amira Freidson, Namaste Kid Owner

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