We offer a wide range of services for projects of all sizes.

Through our plugin vetting process of sourcing, extending, and creating we will provide the right plugin solution for your WordPress project.

We can create or extend a theme that best fits your project's current and future requirements.


Maje Media can help you discover and maintain your online sales channel by building the custom solution you need and keeping it secure and up to date.

Project Planning

The key to a successful project is knowing what that project's goals are. By putting planning first it allows for Maje Media and yourself to know what to expect, when to expect it, and what changes need to be made.


Not every website needs to look the same, but they do share traits to get the best result. Our designers work closely with you and other project members to give you not only a unique design but also one that will put your site in a position to be successful.


The key to being able to be found on search engines isn't magic. We will help work with and teach you how to properly setup and maintain the foundation of your site to assist your goals in getting displayed higher in search results.

Content Management

Whether you're comfortable with maintaining your site's content or not we can help you by either taking on the task and future maintenance of the content or teaching and documenting the process for you.

Secure Coding

Our secure coding methods allow us to have the highest degree of certainty that code written by Maje Media will not be vulnerable to known security issues. We can also help you choose the right plugins and themes (not developed by us) to help keep your site and your customers secure.

Server Buildouts

The servers we build are based on both your site's specific needs and our best practice implementation of security configurations, package management, and configuration.

Site Migrations

If you're looking to have your site moved from one host to another (or to one of our custom server buildouts) we can make sure that the transition is as smooth as possible.


No server is 100% unhackable but through our extensive experience managing servers and their configurations we can greatly reduce your exposure to known security vulnerabilities. We apply both common sense approaches to security and keep up to date on the latest security issues being found every day.


The servers that we manage are monitored by our team 24/7/365 for performance, site uptime monitoring, and security updates needed.

With nearly a decade of WordPress hosting management and maintenance experience you can trust that your site is being maintained by experienced professionals (the same ones that maintain this site) with the know-how to not only keep a site online but how to keep it secure and up to date.

When you need a server monitored, kept up to date, and securely configured we have solutions that fit almost every need you may have*. This service is included in every one of our WordPress Maintenance packages as well because keeping your site's code up to date isn't the only task needed to keep your site up to date and secure.

* Linux only