Maintenance with your company in mind.

The Maje Media Difference

The normal WordPress maintenance process involves clicking “update” to keep your site up to date. This has been advised by countless developers, online tutorials, and nag messages in the WordPress dashboard.

For business that depend on their website being available for their customers that approach is risky and could cost you money in lost business.

Downtime costs you money

When your site goes down it not only costs you money in terms of customers seeing your site; it also costs your time. Time away from you growing your business and focusing on the tasks related to that.

We treat your site as our own.

How Maje Does It

While your WordPress site typically will not see any issues upon upgrading themes, plugins, and even WordPress core there could be unseen issues that require your attention.

The WordPress platform is constantly evolving in both the way the code is written to what features remain available from release to release.

With the big releases there are often times features that change how they should be used. Plugins and Themes that don’t upgrade along with these new requirements could put your business’s presence on the web at risk.

For every maintenance update we make a copy of your site and run the updates against that copy. This includes the testing necessary to vet your important processes (forms, purchasing, e-commerce, etc) that were discovered when you setup your maintenance plan.

We also utilize file versioning and tagging to appropriately track all the changes to your site. This allows us to more easily review the changes that have been made by the author to verify that it doesn’t affect any of your site’s custom code, or visuals.

Once we’ve established that the upgrades are ready for production we schedule an update outside of your busy hours (except for security releases). We then do another verification that your site is working and is showing the updates.

We’re experts on the web. You’re the expert of your business.

But Why?

Developers that work on WordPress Core, Plugins, and Themes that you use for your site don’t typically have your site in mind when they make updates.

Often times they have their own business’s needs in mind when they perform updates and change, add, remove functionality. Functionality that your site may depend on.

By updating and testing your site in a safe place it doesn’t affect your customer’s if an update causes problems on your site.