We take maintenance seriously. Let us keep your site secure and up to date.

If you have a website, you know you need to make time for regularly to keep it working as well as the day you launched. This can be a time consuming or frustrating experience for some, but don’t worry, Maje Media can take care of that for you.

We Can Help

Whether planned or unexpected, it can save a lot of time and frustration to have someone on your side who can help keep an eye on your site, help understand any changes that may happen with updates, and to be there if something goes wrong.

You might be able to find a cheaper maintenance service, but none of those services will give you the support you get from Maje Media. Going above and beyond the standard maintenance offered by web hosts, we become a member of your web team, monitoring your site 24/7, making critical updates, and helping you plan ahead for the future.

WordPress Maintenance

With our WordPress Maintenance packages you get the peace of mind knowing we have updated your WordPress installation, themes, and plugins to the most secure versions. Our approach to updates ensure your site has minimal downtime or issues due unknown conflicts with an update.

Twice Annual

With 1-year agreement
/ Month
Month to Month: $97.50
Annual Payment: $720.00


Every Other Month

With 1-year agreement
/ Month
Month to Month: $227.50
Annual Payment: $1,680.00

Avoid monthly invoices—save 20% and avoid monthly invoices by paying for a year in advance.

What's Included?

Each standard maintenance package has a $350 set-up fee. This one time fee includes an hour consultation and the time it takes to set you up as one of our maintenance clients.

All maintenance packages include:

  • Testing on all changes (security and scheduled) to the site and server on a separate install/server prior to upgrading production so your live site is not affected
  • Security Updates: Immediate updates of plugins, themes, and WordPress core to the most secure version.
  • Regular WordPress, plugin, and theme updates*
  • Site uptime monitoring (we utilize multiple monitoring services)
  • Server performance monitoring
  • Up to 30 days of daily site and database backups (backed up on server and on AWS S3)**
  • iThemes Security Pro installed and configured on your site under the Maje Media license
  • Private Maje Media support portal knowledgebase access to information about your site
  • Maje Media support email access

* Twice annual, quarterly, or bi-monthly based on plan selected
** Depends upon disk space on hosting plan

Have custom needs we don’t cover? Give us a call.