By sourcing, extending, and creating: We create what your WordPress project requires.


To save you time and money we will first try to find plugins that have already been written and can fulfill your project’s requirements with little to no concessions in features desired.

Your best interests are top of mind for us during this process and there are many additional steps that we take once we locate a plugin that meets your requirements:

  • How often is the plugin updated by the developer
  • Are there any outstanding security vulnerabilities
  • For free plugins: How many sites is it installed on
  • For paid plugins: How many sales has the plugin had
  • What do the reviews say
  • What do other developers say
  • Is the plugin compatible with your site’s server environment
  • How responsive is the developer to support requests

This is part of our ongoing promise to not only offer cost-effective solutions in the short term but for the future viability of your site, time, and budget.


The WordPress ecosystem has a number of plugins that have been made extendable by their developer teams. Should your project require the use of one of these plugins we will extend or add to the base features to fit your project’s requirements.

When doing so we use the following standards as guidelines to performing the work:


Very often during the planning phase of projects it is discovered that a solution to a requirement does not yet exist, the requirement is specific to your business rules, or an available plugin doesn’t quite fit your needs.

We will create a custom plugin for your project to fit the needs of your business.